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lyra.cole, girl gmr

giant magnet and pacsci passes

i hate to do this, but my ex is not responding to my requests to grab our kid for the weekend to go to this stuff, so my only hope is to see if anyone here could use these (tried craigslist already):

1. i have 4 passes to giant magnet, which is running today and tomorrow. it's a glom of shows featuring music and perfomance/circus art from many different regions. there are shows all throughout the day and evening today and tomorrow, and each ticket is good for any one show. this means one person could go see four shows, or two people two shows, or four people one show.

$10 each, or best offer or trade.

2. this one's not as urgent, but i also have 6 pacific science center exhibit passes. good on any day they're open, for regular exhibits. they don't expire until the end of december. i usually have a family membership i can take advantage of, so these don't really do much for me.

also $10 each, or best offer (kid admission is less, i think, so i'm pretty flexible on that price) or trade

please please please don't allow these to go to waste! the science center is great, and i bet these shows will be fantastic!

thanks :)

(i'm on capitol hill, and could easily meet you in queen anne or downtown for an exchange...and i even have a couple space needle elevator passes i could throw in for the first buyer, if that helps)
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