In-Home Massage only $60

Just a reminder that my housecall rate is $60/hour, $90/90-minutes in and around the Seattle/Bellevue area. 

If you want to save a bit of money, come to my home in Kenmore and pay just $40/hour, $60 for ninety minutes!!!!

contact me off list at thetis77 at yahoo dot com for more info. 

or go to
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New Steampunk Jewelry and 20% off sale!

Wow, talk about March Madness.  I've been meaning to get this newsletter out for WEEKS, but something always comes up.  It will be worth the wait, though.  I have over 50 new items listed, both steampunk and mori girl / lolita styles.  A bit of Victorian romantic, too!  Rings now come in Plus and Petite sizes, ranging from size 3 to 14.  I have some stunning hat pins listed in the "Hats" section", new earrings in all sections, and bracelets and necklaces galore.  Here's just a tiny taste of what's in store.
As usual, SUPER image heavy!Collapse )

Low on funds?  Me too.  Still, I'm always open to trades.  Corsets, boots, jackets, fabric, trims, old watches,clock gears and vintage jewelry are always on my list.  I'm especially looking for someone who can do SEO consulting and help me with my Google ad campaign, and some help with creating a few new banner ads for ProjectWonderful.  Screw the Man, let's barter!

Contact me at to place an order, or email me directly at 

Now, here's what you've all been waiting for.  This month's coupon code is MADMARCH, and it's good for 20% off your entire order.  Expires 3/31/2011 
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Spamming for a good cause.

Please help me adopt Miss Lilly!  She's a 7 year old Australian Shepherd mix, and she has a heart murmur.  Because she is a special needs dog the Rescue Society is having a hard time finding a good home for her.  I would love to be her forever home, but I'm going to need to pay the adoption fees and an additional pet deposit (I'd be fine if I hadn't just paid my rent). 

Look at those eyes.  LOOK AT THEM! 

I realize that the holidays have wiped us all out, but if there's anything you've been wanting to get, this would be the perfect time to treat yourself to a great deal.  Are you maxed out on steampunk stuff?  I have some great art glass and Victorian designs, too. 

Don't forget, Valentine's day is just around the corner!

Coupon code MISSLILLY for 50% off your total order.   As always, you have my deepest thanks! :-D
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Happy Turtle!

Looking for Trades/Barter for Services

I make steampunk jewelry - lots of it!  I'm looking for people who would like to trade for original, OOAK designs.  

I need people with alteration, costuming and corsetry skills, as I have fabric and patterns, but NO skills at putting the two together. 

I'm also looking for an SEO consultant who can help maximize my web presence, fine tune my site and help boost my Google rankings.  I haven't got a clue how to go about doing it myself, no matter how "easy" everyone tells me it is.  Experience with and Groupon ad campaigns is an extra plus.

Take a look around my website and let me know if anything strikes your fancy!  I also offer gift certificates, if you want to buy something later or give to friends. 

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Furniture (and appliance) for sale in the Crossroads area of Bellevue:

1. Dining room table - $20.
White legs, light-wood top. Self-stored extendable leaf.
Without leaf extended: 48x36", seats 4-6.
With leaf extended: 60x36", seats 6-8.

2. Black metal and light wood baker's rack - $20.

68" tall and 28" wide, top metal shelf and drawers 7" deep, main shelf and bottom shelf 17" deep.
Knick-knacks, TV and computer bits not included. :)

3. 1.1 cubic foot microwave - $15.
Whirlpool model MT1110SKQ.
Manual is present, microwave is in fine shape, I'm just downsizing to a smaller kitchen.

4. Papasan couch - $20.

(Not the actual couch, just showing the style.)
About 6.5 feet long and 4 feet wide.
Navy blue cushion is not as fluffy as it once was, but is still comfy with a blanket overtop.

I am not able to deliver any of it, but the table and the baker's rack both disassemble at least partially - I brought the rack home in a 2-door Ford Escort, when I bought it.
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Canon Digital Rebel XTI for sale

Hi everyone! I'm selling a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTI with the 18-55mm kit lens attached. The camera also comes with a battery, charger, USB cord and the instruction manuals that came in the box.

Pictures of the camera

I live in Lynnwood but can travel as far north as Marysville and as far south as downtown/Seattle proper.

The camera's being sold for $550 OBO. I have another camera battery I will throw in for another $50 ($80 when purchased).

Any questions just leave a comment! Thanks!