lyra.cole, girl gmr (agentdanak) wrote in seattlebuysell,
lyra.cole, girl gmr

imogen heap tickets

these tickets are now sold, thanks :)

so, due to what might be called a stroke of luck, i start a new job on monday. that's super.

what isn't super is that my shift for the first couple weeks is 2pm-11pm. which means that i can no longer attend the imogen heap concert on monday night.

my partner won't go without me along, so this means we have two tickets to the show that we will not be using. i'd love to get what i paid for them, and let someone else enjoy the night while i while away the time learning how to do my new job.

so, is there anyone out there interested in two general admission tickets for $29.50 a piece? the show is this monday, the 14th, 730pm at the paramount.

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