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Spamming for a good cause.

Please help me adopt Miss Lilly!  She's a 7 year old Australian Shepherd mix, and she has a heart murmur.  Because she is a special needs dog the Rescue Society is having a hard time finding a good home for her.  I would love to be her forever home, but I'm going to need to pay the adoption fees and an additional pet deposit (I'd be fine if I hadn't just paid my rent). 

Look at those eyes.  LOOK AT THEM! 

I realize that the holidays have wiped us all out, but if there's anything you've been wanting to get, this would be the perfect time to treat yourself to a great deal.  Are you maxed out on steampunk stuff?  I have some great art glass and Victorian designs, too. 

Don't forget, Valentine's day is just around the corner!

Coupon code MISSLILLY for 50% off your total order.   As always, you have my deepest thanks! :-D
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